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Anker SoundBuds Slim (): Also not a Prime Day deal, but we're throwing it in here for bargain hunters: Don't expect sound quality like Bose, Beats, Jabra and the like. But for under , they're pretty good. Read the CNET review of the Anker SoundBuds Slim. Documenting the devastating effects of such policies on black communities, Justice Thomas cast the court’s support for eminent domain as a jurisprudence of ethnic cleansing. Poorer people will always be the victims of such policies, he said; they are “the least politically powerful” members of society. Invoking a sacred phrase of civil rights jurisprudence, he called the victims of eminent domain one of the “discrete and insular minorities” the political process often fails.

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He was trying to finance a portion of a 0,000 payment he had promised to Mr. Giuliani to consult for a company he helped found, Fraud Guarantee, according to a person familiar with the solicitation of the businessman. The businessman never provided the money. “I feel naked and abused because these people have my information without my authorization,” said Ivan Muela Flor, a software programmer in Quito. “The people don’t realize just how grave this is.”

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In it, she plays both Adelaide, the matriarch of the charming Wilson family, and Red, her bloodthirsty doppelgänger. Peele wrote the characters with Nyong’o in mind, and the two were close collaborators on interpreting the script. They met for the first time shortly after Nyong’o wrapped “Panther” (during production of that film, the actress and lifelong horror fan organized a cast field trip to see Peele’s surprise 2017 smash, “Get Out”) and quickly hit it off. Prosecutors had raised the cases of Ms. Williams-Bolar, the black mother from Ohio, and the Atlanta educators, to argue that fairness required sentencing Ms. Huffman and the other parents in this case to at least some period of incarceration.

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كان البرد في سجن صيدنايا عقوبة من يتكلم أو ينام دون إذن. ويذكر منير فقير، وهو جالس يحدثنا في أحد مقاهي إسطنبول، أنه مرة في كل شهر تقريبا، كانت تتم مصادرة كل ملابس وأغطية السجناء، ويضطرون للنوم عراة في درجات حرارة منخفضة جدا. كما كانوا أحيانا يُحرمون من الماء، وقد حاولوا الاغتسال من خلال حك جلودهم بالرمل الذي كان النمل يخرجه من ثقوب في الأرضية. “We listen to our customers,” the Colt executive, Paul Spitale, told Shooting Illustrated.

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Read: Natalia Ginzburg was one of the great Italian writers of the 20th century. Several of her books have been recently reissued. JoAnn Lee FrankClearwater, Fla.

turns out the fyre fest was only just trying to sell st. louis style grilled cheese pic.twitter.com/WBpRYAKbQi In the three weeks since his first video appeared, Mr. Ali has reinvented himself as a whistle-blower, an el-Sisi antagonist and a protest guru, and his tales of corruption at the top have transformed him into a leading voice of opposition to the president. When the protests erupted, it was at the time and date Mr. Ali had urged from afar.

Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk and Bruce Banner in the Avengers movies, is known for being a bit of a blabbermouth. So fans paid attention Friday when Ruffalo and Jimmy Fallon started hyping Ruffalo's Tonight Show appearance as if Ruffalo might just drop the biggest Marvel secret: the title of Avengers 4. Asii Chemnitz Narup, then Tasiilaq’s mayor, said in a statement in May: “Across Greenland, children and youngsters are abused sexually and the scale is so big it calls for a national emergency. I believe we are in a human, social and cultural death spiral if we don’t manage to stop the sexual abuse.” She stepped down in June.

Paul CarraraGenoa, Italy We didn’t have a focus when we first started. And now we’re definitely more into female artists — and we have been for awhile, even before #MeToo. It connects to my experience, having been at Sotheby’s and always wondering: “Why does the room have so few female artists?”

While Mr. Pitts found a collaborator from outside the Batsheva circle, Ms. Smith has continued working with alumni from the company, like Or Schraiber (her husband) and Ariel Freedman, two of the 10 formidable performers in “Lost Mountain.” Ms. Smith, five months pregnant and fearless as ever, also performs in the work. Pull out the knitting needles for the N.Y.C. Yarn Crawl. The event, which runs through Sunday in Manhattan and Brooklyn, includes store discounts. 11 a.m.-7 p.m. [Free]

The partnership was announced Tuesday in a conference call for media by Nvidia Director of Automotive Danny Shapiro. It will be interesting to see how other players in the self-driving car sector react to the partnership between Bosch, Daimler and Nvidia and the kind of edge that such powerful hardware may end up giving them.  As of early Thursday afternoon, nearly 10 inches of rain had fallen on Pawleys Island, more than eight inches on Myrtle Beach and up to 7.5 inches in Charleston, all of which Mr. Quagliariello warned could increase the risk of flash flooding.