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Mrs. Clinton is, at once, a glass-ceiling-shattering symbol of women’s empowerment and an emblem of the past. She is both the first woman to lead a major party ticket and the candidate who lost the Electoral College in a defeat that left Democrats stunned and demoralized. She is a party elder but also a politician who will not be nudged out of the arena, declining to unequivocally rule out a 2020 run. She still possesses a loyal and powerful constituency of female supporters even as she is the farthest she has been from center stage in American politics in almost three decades. Specifically, the GPS-enabled tags can help farmers to track the location of their herds -- such as where they graze and whether one has escaped or been stolen. The tags are also fitted with accelerometers, so they can notify farmers when unusual activity is detected.

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But Disney hopes to compete with Netflix on price. It plans to price a bundle of streaming services — Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu — at .99 a month, matching what Netflix charges for its basic service. (One difference: ESPN and Hulu carry ads; Netflix doesn’t.) However, another top priority, the move off Yahoo's login system, won't be done until January, he said. Testing should begin in December. The new authentication, boosted by technology help from Amazon, will offer dual-factor authentication options including hardware token support.

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Don’t assume that what you’re hearing on New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July are fireworks; the weeks around these holidays also see spikes in celebratory gunfire. “People pull off a couple of rounds into the air,” Beisner says. “Remember that those bullets have to come down somewhere.” These are wired headphones, meaning you'll need one of those increasingly elusive headphone-jack thingies. But you can also pull the plug, so to speak, and connect a Bluetooth adapter -- effectively turning the QC25 into the already-wireless QC35. There are several such adapters available; here's one for . Even with that added expense, you're way below the price of the QC35 (9).

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Mr. Biden denied Mr. Goldman was a fossil fuel executive. The pledge he signed binds him not to take contributions of more than 0 from “S.E.C.-named executives of fossil fuel companies.’’ The former vice president told the CNN host Anderson Cooper that Mr. Goldman was not listed as an executive in fossil fuel company filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. “That’s what we look at,’’ Mr. Biden said. Mobile World Congress 2019, which will take place in February in Barcelona, is likely to play host to a slew of 5G handset announcements from the main carriers, although European consumers shouldn't necessarily read this as a sign they'll have a fully functioning 5G phone in their pocket by the end of next year. Before you can use 5G speeds, you need a 5G network to deliver them.

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The Argus 2 is an IP65 weatherproof cam that captures video at 1080p with its 130-degree lens. It features night vision and two-way audio so you can use the mobile app to converse with whoever crosses your threshold. The networking options are limited, though: It connects to your home network only via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Just a few of the amazing cast: Start from the left, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett and Awkwafina.

This Leica M camera is made entirely of Lego pieces.  Gab.ai is out of service Monday after companies including GoDaddy and PayPal cut ties with the social network, spurred by reports that the suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting had published a number of anti-Semitic posts on the site.

Pavlina Tcherneva, an associate professor of economics at Bard College in New York and part of a core group of M.M.T. theorists, said the debate demonstrated an important point: While the Japanese case may validate the ideas, there is a difference between the theory of M.M.T. and its practice. Starting at ,199 (£1,199, AU,849), the new MacBook Air is made from 100 percent recycled aluminum, with noticeably slimmer bezels around the display. It's lighter at 2.75 pounds (1.24 kg) as well as 17 percent smaller and 10 percent thinner. 

Yet a different kind of history seemed to preoccupy the Kremlin when it came to the demonstrations — the history of clearing the political landscape of dissenters. The machinery of legal repression ground into action, aimed at snuffing out a wave of weekly protests in Moscow, although more are planned for Saturday and Aug. 10. Pokemon: Let's Go! arrives on the Nintendo Switch this Friday. For your holiday money, I'd recommend waiting for Super Smash Bros. instead.

Since January, Mr. Guaidó has run what amounts to a parallel government, counting on support from more than 50 countries, including the United States, even as Mr. Maduro remains the country’s leader. Despite Mr. Maduro’s low popularity, however, the opposition’s momentum has been sapped as Mr. Guaidó has failed to depose the president or solve the shortages of food, medicine, water and power that plague the country’s 30 million people. During that night, we talked about spirits attaching themselves to objects, about parallel universes where two realities might accidentally leak across and into each other, about skeptics and about believers. I like the GINM investigators. They're smart and friendly. It's just that I see a veil and they see beyond it.

C. J., 16, another resident of the group home who was eating his breakfast in the next room, started recording the altercation on his cellphone after Immanuel was tackled, according to Mr. Feinman. The video, first posted by KOLD News 13, a local television station based in Tucson, showed Immanuel frantically screaming to be let go. It's not all green lights and go-aheads, though. There were a few check boxes I had to toggle and "I understand" pop-ups to accept before SmartThings could control unlocking the lock. Once I allowed control, everything worked like a charm. Again, this is all stuff you might do to connect the lock to an IFTTT command.