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M-theory is a theory in physics that unifies all consistent versions of superstring theory. It's probably not the question most other people would ask a Supreme Being, but then, Hawking was one of a kind. • Peter Navarro, a top Trump trade adviser, invented an expert that he quoted over a dozen times in five books he has written. (NYT)

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“This season has demonstrated that there has never been a better time to be a part of the N.F.L.,” Goodell said. “Our game is getting better and better, and our engagement and popularity is unmatched in today’s media landscape.” It’s this knack for juxtaposition that underlies his new photography book, “Our Interference Times: A Visual Record,” the second volume in a series from the Italian publisher Damiani. While 2018’s “Volume 1” was, he says, “more of a biography, and more like a family portrait,” documenting his years as the frontman of R.E.M. (which he refers to simply as “my band”), in “Our Interference Times,” Stipe, 59, has trained his eye on places where the analog and the digital intersect to form the pattern of the current moment. “This subject is what I was thinking about a lot,” he explains, “this period of time we’re in, and how that’s impacting the way that we view things, the way that we view ourselves.” The images the book comprises — which range from the architectural to the natural, from the studio space to the domestic sphere — are a mixture of photographs Stipe shot digitally, on film and on his phone; many are photos of photos, others have been manipulated beyond recognition. Stipe mediates his vision of the world through both window screens and computer screens in these pages, revealing an undeniable likeness between the fragmenting effects of wire mesh and of a pixelated zoom. One of his favorite progressions opens with a photograph of Paul Nash’s painting “Winter Sea” (1925-37) — a bleak Cubist rendering of the English Channel — then turns to Stipe’s photographs of whales surfacing off the coast of Baja California along with snapshots of a resort’s digital signage. Through the grouping of these disparate images, a surprising and uneasy resemblance emerges.

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In Showtime’s new crime drama “City on a Hill,” Jackie Rohr is a cocaine-snorting, corrupt and racist F.B.I. veteran who longs for the days when the “bad men” were in power, and Decourcy Ward is a principled new assistant district attorney from Brooklyn, determined to “rip out the [expletive] up machinery” in 1990s Boston. This year has been something of a breakout one for him. In addition to his role on “The Boys,” he played the leading man in “Plus One,” a romantic comedy about two single friends who agree to be each other’s wedding dates. It came out this summer.

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“To Kill a Mockingbird,” music by Adam Guettel Child drinks a meager half cup of coffee, claiming to have had a whole pot at home. He insists on paying the check, either out of gallantry or for tax reasons. Then we climb into his distinctly un-Reacher-like electric blue S.U.V. and begin a drive straight out of his novel. He lives 40 or 50 miles from town. The intersection closest to his roost is a 10-minute drive away. That’s also where the paved road ends.

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Do you have any secrets to longevity and staying in shape? Ms. Koch, a Michigan native, grew up in Jacksonville, N.C., and most recently lived in Livingston, Mont., according to her official biography. She holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University. Before becoming an astronaut, she worked in space science instrument development and remote scientific field engineering for NASA and the United States Antarctic Program, among other institutions.

"What are you looking at, Twitterface?" “If they don’t fold immediately, they would soon go out of business and we would lose baseball in those cities,” he said.

The Texas lawsuit “is as dangerous as it is reckless,” Xavier Becerra, the attorney general of California, said on Monday as he filed a brief urging the appeals court to uphold the law. The cause was a stroke, his son Andrew said.

“I am stronger than ever,” he said, before asking, “Why am I here? Because you are the ones who decide, not Donald Trump.” 4. “Our North Star.”

If you’re about to open a can of something tasty, thank the French. And the British. Dr. Semenza turned his attention to the gene the guides production of EPO. Once it is activated, the body makes more oxygen carrying red blood cells. But how is that switch turned on when the body is deprived of oxygen?

The last LG G series phone, the G6, was unveiled in February 2017. Mr. Trump surely realizes that Nationals Park may not be the most hospitable territory for a president who drew just 4 percent of the vote in the District of Columbia in 2016 and describes its permanent residents as “the Swamp.” No president likes to be booed. When this one heads to a stadium, he prefers it filled with supporters for campaign rallies.