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What we’re reading: This deep dive into the Lakers organization from ESPN. Tom Jolly, who oversees production of our daily print edition, says it “reveals the team’s deeply flawed front office, including the two sides of a former star — the personable Magic Johnson and the much more difficult Earvin Johnson.” Both teams rested key players. Forward Marcus Johansson sat for the Devils, and the Rangers kept out forwards Mats Zuccarello and Kevin Hayes as well as defenseman Adam McQuaid. Zuccarello was later traded to the Dallas Stars for two conditional draft picks.

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Penzeys may use “season liberally” as a trademarked slogan, but its outspokenness is not just a reaction to the president. Gail: Yeah, but I don’t remember Billy Crystal doing his act with a guy wearing a sheet.

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Magnetic field strength is measured in teslas (T) (named after Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, of course, and nothing to do with Elon Musk). In everyday life, you likely encounter teslas in the magnitude less than 3 T in loudspeakers and up to around 12 T in MRI machines. Interestingly enough, scientists once used a magnetic field of 16 T to levitate animals, such as frogs. Lead researcher, Shojiro Takeyama, told IEEE Spectrum that he had designed the new instrument's iron housing to withstand about 700 T, but the actual output was almost 42 percent stronger than expected, topping out at 1,200 T. Dave Queenan, another Twitter user, wrote on Sunday, “The only reason to be concerned about the whole ‘Queen evacuation’ saga is if they let Philip drive.”

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Oh yeah, I'm stoked. A new entity, Tru Kids, is “starting with a clean sheet of canvas,” said Richard Barry, the company’s chief executive and a former chief merchandising officer of Toys “R” Us. Introduced this week, the company will manage brands that include Toys “R” Us, Babies “R” Us and Geoffrey the Giraffe, the Toys “R” Us mascot.

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Last week’s answer: The Baltimore Ravens were the only team that was undefeated in the preseason last year. A bravo to Chas Glazer of Toluca Lake, Calif. In 2015, as the city began preparing to celebrate its bicentennial in 2018, officials reached out to residents to better understand how to engage with the community, according to Mr. Wobser.

What did you think? Now I am one of some 1,700 souls in the village, living equidistant from the green-and-gazebo and the county fairgrounds.

He's talking about blockbusters, which get recognized for technical achievements like effects and sound. These are often well-deserved for the teams of innovators and creators who conjure these eye-popping effects. These awards single out specific aspects of filmmaking prowess without rewarding the film as a whole.  Mr. Cannon-Brookes is especially passionate about climate change. As Prime Minister Scott Morrison has walked back Australia’s renewable energy ambitions, Mr. Cannon-Brookes has become a staunch critic.

Schurig, who spoke at the funeral, said that the university was preparing a scholarship in Dwane Simmons’s name and that the team would honor him in additional ways, including naming an award for him. Until recently, elected officials in New York have been less receptive to a pied-à-terre tax. The bill, first introduced in 2014 by State Senator Brad Hoylman, a Democrat who represents some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Manhattan, has been blocked by the ruling Senate Republicans.

Roku is one of the most-popular streaming platforms in the country, and The Roku Channel serves as a home for free, ad-supported content from a variety of other sources. Roku says the channel is among the top 5 on its platform, and has been expanding it to include live news, premium subscriptions and more. The Roku Channel could even provide a blueprint for an overhaul of Roku's venerable main menu system.  Tim Phillips, the president of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative issue advocacy group funded by the billionaire Koch brothers, said that Ms. Rao “is fair, impartial, extremely qualified and has our full support.” Mr. Phillips said his group would lean on its 3.2 million grass-roots activists to take action. “We will be aggressively mobilizing our grass roots to urge every senator to confirm her,” he said.

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post: “It’s not merely Republicans’ indulgence of the National Rifle Association that puts Americans’ lives in jeopardy; it is the support and enabling of a president that inspires white nationalist terrorists — and even denies white nationalism is a problem.” Claim to fame: Naomi Mishkin is an artist and budding fashion designer, whose work frequently takes everyday objects and subverts them with a clever, feminist-skewed twist. In a 2017 piece called “Pedestal (Dress Form),” she took a traditional dress form and remodeled it after her own torso, complete with a slight paunch and sagging shoulders.