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“We found that people want to have the most innovative product available, and with that, it’s not cheap to do that,” he said. The government agency plans to consider freeing up more radio airwaves for use in 5G networks in its next monthly meeting, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a statement. The commission will look to the 3.5 gigahertz spectrum band as a potential source of radio airwaves. While not the super high-frequency spectrum commonly talked about when looking at 5G networks, 3.5 Ghz has the potential to carry more capacity and speed than lower frequency spectrum used in many of today's networks. 

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¼ teaspoon sea salt Fancy a hack 'n' slash game like Diablo 3 that's set in a Disney universe?

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There have been contradictory reports from the area about acceptance of the vaccine. Some observers said villagers and even health workers were rejecting the vaccine. One glaring gap in this takeover: Neither Pandora or SiriusXM can help the other expand internationally. Pandora has more than 70 million monthly active users, almost all of them in the US. Pandora is still the most listened-to streaming music service in the US, but competitors like Spotify are bigger globally. SiriusXM has more than 36 million US subscribers and 23 million annual trial listeners.

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All of these are fancy ways of saying that the Fed should have kept interest rates lower for longer after the 2008 recession, to deliver a significantly stronger dose of economic stimulus, and that it should show a little less fear of inflation the next time the economy needs its help. Facebook broke ground on the Clonee data center in 2016, and with a third building still under construction, the facility won't be complete until the end of next year. But it is operational, with eight data halls, each around the size of a soccer pitch, already running.

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That may sound boring, and you may already have fallen asleep reading it, but for Cox it's a big deal, since a large chunk of its business involves working with car dealers to get them and their listings in front of the eyes of consumers. If it can get even closer to the source of things, even better. Tim Lipsky, 29, and Andrew Shaurko, 35, are excited about the Watch, too. Wearing black motorcycle jackets, they waited in line all night to buy one, in order to see how the EKG reader works in person. The two are creating a sports app that they hope will work in tandem with the sensor, with the aim of measuring recovery from workouts and predicting their response to exercise in the next week to month.

But the afternoon panel will give Republicans their first chance to question witnesses they believe will undercut the allegations. Mr. Volker has previously said he knew of no quid pro quo between the security aid and the investigations. Tim Morrison, a former senior director for Europe and Russia at the National Security Council, has said he found nothing inherently problematic about the July 25 call, although he testified that he was concerned that it might leak out and cause political problems. The kit might make sense for someone who already owns a Yale smart lock, but wants to add August functionality. Of course, you could start by just purchasing the August Smart Lock Pro in the first place. That will cost you less than a Yale bundle. However, there is something to be said for aesthetics, and the traditional styling of the Yale Assure line might appeal to some people, especially if they're looking for an integrated keypad. Either way, this first venture together paints an interesting picture of what's to come for Yale and August under Assa Abloy's roof.

“We tell people not to run in grizzly bear habitat, to make noise and to be aware of their surroundings,” said Dr. Servheen, who has retired from his post as coordinator for the grizzly bear recovery program of the Fish and Wildlife Service. “Agencies are permitting the very activities we are telling people not to do.” Here's how to enable dark mode and what it does and doesn't do to your Mac's UI.

"There will inevitably be employee challenges or dissatisfaction that call our commitment to this work and our partners' employees into question," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. "When the circumstances warrant action on the part of management, we make sure it happens." "It used to seem like having one or two drinks per day was no big deal, and there even have been some studies suggesting it can improve health," said the survey's lead author, Dr. Sarah M. Hartz. "But now we know that even the lightest daily drinkers have an increased mortality risk."

There will be things we expect, and things we haven’t even discovered yet. We’ll need a lot of people working on raising the curtain on disinformation in the next few months. And it won’t just be in the run-up to the 2020 election in the United States — this will happen all over the world. You can bet NASA and ESA would be trumpeting the news if either space agency witnessed a fresh volcanic eruption on the red planet. 

Asteroid 2000 QW7 is one of two notable space rocks that will pass by Earth this weekend, but NASA wants everyone to know there will be plenty of distance between us and them. A NASA release this week emphasized that asteroid 2000 QW7 and asteroid 2010 C01 do not pose a threat to our planet.  He was so proud. And so was I.