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So far, most of his debate performances have been characterized by “West Wing”-style monologues. But there are signs he may pivot to a more aggressive tack Tuesday night in hopes of expanding his support. In recent weeks, he has nudged Ms. Warren and Mr. Sanders on health care and has been in something of a sniper fight with former Representative Beto O’Rourke of Texas. The site, NRATV, is a central part of the organization’s messaging apparatus. Since its creation in 2016, it has adopted an increasingly apocalyptic, hard-right tone, warning of race wars, describing Barack Obama as a “fresh-faced flower-child president,” calling for a march on the Federal Bureau of Investigation and comparing journalists to rodents.

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The unorthodox choice came partly at the suggestion of David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, according to Mr. Newhouse. A few weeks after the board announced its search, Mr. Remnick sent Mr. Newhouse a list of six names that included Mr. Lynch. — Susan Lontine, a Colorado state representative who introduced a bill that would mandate teachings about safe sex, consent and sexual orientation in the state’s public schools

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Here are the fans celebrating: The sentence has been widely criticized.

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Re “Polluting Farmers Should Pay” (Sunday Review, Aug. 25): That may help explain why floor plans for apartments at 160 Leroy Street, which the developer Ian Schrager conceived with the architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, and which are priced from .5 million to million, are labeled with room types and also with wall locations where works might be displayed.

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Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico Mr. Garcia Zarate was sentenced in January 2018 to the three years he had already served in prison pending trial. He faces two federal firearms charges in a separate case stemming from the July 2015 shooting. He has pleaded not guilty.

“Who will they throw out next?” Mr. Shakir asked in an interview after the ruling. “The Supreme Court has put a veneer of legality on the Netanyahu government’s clampdown on human rights activities.” Still, Ms. Boone was relatable. She talked about art without using words like “refraction.” The basics of her un-posh childhood became known because she discussed them openly, understanding that most legends are self-made, not born rich.

Want to see everything that Walmart is advertising? Then click below to access the retailer's full Black Friday ad, which was "leaked" on the company's site earlier this month. More than 68 million Americans belong to Generation Z, the demographic of those born between the mid-1990s and a few years ago. We asked them to describe their identities and what sets them apart.

Here's the important thing to note, especially if you're new to cash-back services: When you get to the checkout page, you won't see any evidence whatsoever that TopCashback is doing anything. It records your purchase behind the scenes, much like your cash-back credit card does. Don't freak out: As long as you went to Walmart's site by way of the TopCashback site, the latter will track your order and award your accordingly. The crowd was not silent. Children chattered in their parents’ arms, and people called out to each other. Many had already walked the path several times this week, as bodies were released to families a few at a time. But this was the biggest burial yet.

Or is it just possible that all of this outrage was manufactured, that a single act of truly bad taste was transformed by the president’s men into an instant excuse to unleash all their hatred? How is it possible that people who were appalled by Ms. Griffin’s mistake appear, at the same time, to be unconcerned with the antics of the most dishonest man to ever occupy the Oval Office? Because, in fact, Ms. Griffin’s photo wasn’t a call for decapitation. It was a call for resistance. Otherwise the academy, which is responsible for updating the definitive French dictionary, had always struck me as one of those essentially French institutions, enshrining the useful and the useless at the same time, fighting a quixotic rear-guard action to preserve French from change, and doing so with great pomp, circumstance and expensive uniforms. In any case it seemed impenetrable behind its austere, 17th-century facades on the Left Bank.

Adam Vinatieri Is, Apparently, a Human BeingIn his 24-year N.F.L. career, few have been as unflappable as Adam Vinatieri, the Colts’ 46-year-old place-kicker. Those days may be over, as Vinatieri, the N.F.L.’s all-time leading scorer, had another terrible week — he missed two extra-points a week after missing two field goals and an extra-point — and told reporters they will be hearing from him on Monday, which is an off-day for Indianapolis. A woman wearing glasses lost her balance when the train jerked abruptly. She tipped backward into the back of a man facing away from her.