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Mr. Macron’s real worry seemed to be the sleepwalking drift of Europe, caught between Russia, China and the United States. “All this has led to the exceptional fragility of Europe, which if it can’t think of itself as a global power, will disappear,” he said. Internationalism reigns. “My Power” — with Beyoncé alongside Tierra Whack from Philadelphia, Yemi Alade from Nigeria and Nija, Busiswa, Moonchild Sanelly and DJ Lag from South Africa — is built on the deep bass thuds and jittery double time percussion of the South African dance music called gqom. In “Water,” Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams are joined by Salatiel, a songwriter from Cameroon, in a bouncy, sinuous track with leaping vocal inflections that also includes a credit for a Ghanaian songwriter, Afriye. The track for “Mood 4 Eva,” Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s latest celebration of their luxurious life, transforms a sample from the Malian singer and songwriter Oumou Sangaré.

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EUGENE, Ore. — Top-ranked Oregon stunned the United States women’s national team, 93-86, on Saturday to hand the Americans their second loss to a college team in program history. In 2017, Brazilian prosecutors revealed emails between the two men that discussed payments before the vote. Gryner, who was arrested in Brazil alongside Nuzman in 2017 on corruption, money laundering and criminal organization charges, was held in prison for a short time before being released.

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But that doesn’t mean they are not pampering. Long popular in South Korea, sheet masks are no longer the stuff of specialty stores. Now you can grab them at Sephora, Urban Outfitters and even Trader Joe’s. Or you could easily slather on a hyaluronic acid serum with your fingertips, but what is the fun in that? WIMBLEDON, England — After two wins together, the mixed dream team doubles pairing of Serena Williams and Andy Murray was knocked out in the third round of Wimbledon on Wednesday, falling to the top-seeded team of Nicole Melichar and Bruno Soares, 6-3, 4-6, 6-2.

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Video footage showed a man in a life jacket in a small boat paddling down a street submerged in water. The breach startled residents, many of whom were sitting down for dinner. “I certainly hear in conversations with investors a lot of concern about whether the U.S. market is still open,” said Rod Hunter, a lawyer at Baker McKenzie who specializes in foreign investment reviews. “You have a potentially chilling effect for Chinese investors.”

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As a young man, I spent several years as a member of the radical Catholic Worker Movement, founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin. In 1986, I made my home with a handful of other volunteers and several dozen homeless people at Saint Joseph House in New York City, just off the Bowery, in the Lower East Side. Our community, which was dedicated to Jesus’s message of peace, nonviolence and love, engaged in resistance against President Ronald Reagan’s nuclear arms race and military interventions in Central America, and every day fed hundreds of homeless men. Keep reading > [Read more about President Trump’s attack on four congresswomen of color.]

But the cold is expected to begin to lift on Friday. By the end of the weekend, temperatures in some areas could swing up to the 40s or 50s, bringing rain instead of snow. While the groups’ rationales for joining the effort varied from environmental protection to a libertarian view of energy freedom, the issue united them against the utilities, which backed a ballot measure in 2016 to impose more fees on solar users and keep solar companies other than utilities out of the state.

Following passenger service, the Tu-144 made occasional test and scientific flights, and was used to train Russian cosmonauts. Between 1996 and 1997, NASA used a Tu-144 as part of its effort to bring back supersonic commercial flight, a program that continues today. _____

The real Minecraft challenge is to make it more than a cool one-time event, since special projects funded by outside foundations are not sustainable. A week later, Ms. Jenkins texted Mr. Jacob and told him that she thought his cousin was “very cute,” a gleeful piece of news that was immediately relayed to Mr. Guy, who later texted her.

One friend saw a guy walking down the street kicking over every scooter he came across. Another saw a rider pull up to a curb as the handlebars and headset became fully detached. My friend figures someone had messed with the screws or cabling so the scooter would come apart on purpose. “We are entirely focused on moving to the public cloud,” he said.

“I’ve never been asked about it by Canadians,” he said. “My father has always been open about where he comes from.” Please write if you need help with anything: You can also reach me at We will get back to you.