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"We want to be the Amazon of transportation," Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said during the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco on Thursday. "Our core business will be getting you from point A to point B." Mr. Fernandes, who lives in Chicago, was born in Nairobi, Kenya, to parents of Indian descent, and grew up mostly in Toronto. His diverse background is evidenced in his art, which pulls from classical dance traditions, queer culture, kink and the conceptual-art probings of the more typical museum artist.

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In the first half, Georgia gained 114 yards and gave up 163. In the second, it logged 225 yards of offense and held Notre Dame to 158, 89 of them in the last seven minutes. Georgia stifled a final drive from Notre Dame — a Georgia radio broadcaster swiftly proclaimed that Smart’s defense had administered last rites — and won, 23-17. Western diplomats who know the prince — known as M.B.Z. — say he is obsessed with two enemies, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. Mr. Trump has sought to move strongly against both and last week took steps to bypass congressional opposition to keep selling weapons to both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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They moved to Flaxman Valley, on a ridge between the Eden Valley and the Barossa Valley, where, in lean, acidic soil with pockets of rose quartz, he has planted his own vineyard and makes wines that are fresh, lively and savory. He doesn’t use sulfur in either the vineyard or the winery. “Growth and maturation isn’t celebrated or isn’t talked about in society now,” Bauer said, adding later, “Is it possible that I was a bad teammate in 2012? Sure. Is it also possible that I’m a good teammate in 2019? Sure.”

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In the shuffle, Cain moves offstage as well. He’s replaced by a crudely shaped stuffed version of himself that is also passed around and sent offstage. By the end, the children are playing with a ball that still bears some resemblance to Cain: the lower half the same shade of brown as his pants, the middle and top the color of his skin and crown. What’s StreamingMARVIN’S ROOM (1996) Stream on Hulu. Lee (Meryl Streep) and Bessie (Diane Keaton) have been estranged for nearly two decades. But when Bessie, who stayed in Florida to take care of their bedridden father, discovers she has leukemia, Lee comes home. Jerry Zaks’s film adaptation of Scott McPherson’s 1991 play features an all-star cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro.

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The spiritual entrepreneur has long thrived in the American city, tapping into that enduring impulse toward enchantment: do-it-yourself salvation, the therapeutic life-hack, mail-order enlightenment, the key to life one toll-free call away. What brings you to MoMA?

50A: “Preschool group?” is ROE because fish, when they’re finally born, swim in schools. Before that, they are ROE. “This is like buying the underlying rights of a book to turn into a movie,” said Angel, who is an executive producer of “Yesterday.” “If you can’t get the book, you can’t get going.”

At first, I tried making the theme entries as long as possible so as to fill out a 21x21, but I quickly abandoned that, as it became clear that the single-word theme entries just wouldn’t make for an entertaining Sunday solve. Shortly after, I asked my friend Jacob McDermott, whom I’d first contacted several months earlier about a themeless crossword (and who is getting married on Saturday!), if he could breathe new life into this concept. We both ended up making two lists of theme entries, all of which had between 74 and 82 total letters, which felt like “no puzzle’s land” in that they were too few for a Sunday even with the revealer, but too many for a daily without many compromises in the fill. Moreover, there were 22 different theme entries among the four lists, but only six of them appeared in all four, and this fell into development hell. Forty-two percent of Americans in that survey favored a single-payer system along the lines of what Mr. Sanders is proposing, while 31 percent opposed it and 25 percent did not take a position. Views of the Affordable Care Act are split right down the middle, with 50 percent approving of it and 48 percent disapproving of it in an April poll by Gallup.

If not a traditional beach-lovers’ shore, the Lost Coast is ideal for losing time climbing over craggy rocks and inspecting tide pools. Between hikes in the conservation area, we scrambled around the peninsula’s rough edges, watching whistling oystercatchers, turkey vultures with their wings spread to dry in the sun, and sleepy harbor seals, some of them still pale in their juvenile coats (a notice posted in the Tides Inn window warned visitors from getting close to the pups, which are often alone and mistaken for orphaned while their parents, who may abandon their babies if in the presence of humans, are out fishing). The Netherlands-based Heesen Yachts is one of the world’s best-known superyacht builders and constructs steel and aluminum boats that sell for anywhere from million to more than 2 million. Founded in 1978, the company has 13 superyachts under construction at its shipyard in Oss, about an hour’s drive from Amsterdam.

“Son cosas gloriosas, maravillosas, que necesitan de nuestra atención y protección”, dijo Theodore W. Pietsch, profesor emérito de la Universidad de Washington en Seattle y uno de los mayores expertos del mundo en rapes. His penchant for art became apparent early on. “I was the kid in my neighborhood who was drawing, who was designing quilts for people, who was making stuff,” he said.

But the rarity of two planes of the same model going down in such a short time span has urgently caught the attention of pilots, passengers, engineers and industry analysts. Corey Ballentine and Dwane (pronounced “dwon”) Simmons met in their freshman year at Washburn University, a neatly trimmed Division II college in the heart of Topeka that bears an unusual school nickname, the Ichabods, taken from its founder, Ichabod Washburn.