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The German lender has done business in Russia for more than a century, and some top executives developed close ties to the Kremlin. Earlier this decade, a group of employees in its Moscow office took part in a multibillion-dollar scheme to move rubles out of Russia, which led to hundreds of millions of dollars in fines from British and American authorities. The drama in Hong Kong is only the latest example of Mr. Trump’s disinclination to let human rights and democracy complicate his diplomacy. He has taken no position on recent mass protests in the streets of Moscow, which have constituted the most open challenge in years to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, with whom Mr. Trump has a friendly relationship. Mr. Trump also rarely criticizes the repressive practices of several other governments with which he has forged close alliances, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Poland.

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Candidates are already focusing on everything from buses and subways to public housing, privacy rights, increasing the minimum wage and improving the quality of life in the city. TRAINER'S ROOM

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White Claw is often paired with Juul in the cultural imagination, possibly stemming from a popular tweet calling the seltzer “Juul Water.” Not sure whether to keep it? If you don’t need it for legal or financial reasons, toss it, Ms. Smallin said. And if you must keep it, scan it. Our friends at Wirecutter — a New York Times company that reviews products — recommend the smartphone app Scanbot for all your scanning needs.

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Mrs. May made the announcement after her cabinet had met for seven hours, amid a growing sense of crisis. With only 10 days left until Britain is due to leave the European Union, she also said she would ask leaders of the bloc for an extension. As negotiations drag on, Venezuela’s economy continues to plummet. The country’s gross domestic product is set to contract 35 percent this year, according to the International Monetary Fund. The number of Venezuelan refugees is projected to double by the end of 2020, to eight million people, or a quarter of the country’s precrisis population.

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It is unclear if any crashes or injuries related to this problem have occurred. Mr. Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, crunched the numbers and called the White House from the campaign’s Chicago headquarters to report that the re-election effort had a Latino problem.

Most importantly, they're much better for training solo players. In previous versions, training on computers at the highest difficulty didn't translate well to playing in tournaments, because the computers had perfect reaction times and dodges. Even if I could go back in time to when my children were young and squabbling, I know of course that we still would not be able to get it together to be any other family. No equipment, no expertise, no grilling, no vacation home. It would all play out just as it always did — just as it still does when we go on vacation as adults, with or without a grown-up child along, from sour cream doughnuts in the morning to oysters in the evening. We haven’t turned on the stove once this summer in our cabin. And I just checked the American Meteor Society website, and guess what? The Perseids should be peaking next week.

Islam’s rituals of death prioritize immediate burial and a joyful departure. But as the first six victims were laid to rest on Wednesday in a city where flowers and police tape still fill intersections, the opportunities for relief continued to be elusive, drawing out sorrow, allowing time for relatives to arrive from abroad and delivering closure in spare droplets. Still, Democrats caution that they have been down this road with Mr. Trump and Mr. McConnell before, and it is not clear how sustained Mr. Trump’s attention to the issue will be or how much political capital he will spend to follow through.

To the Editor: Here’s what to expect.

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration on Friday escalated pressure on the World Trade Organization, giving the international group a 90-day ultimatum to alter a provision that the United States argues has long allowed China to game the global trading rules. But what about the old stone church in Akron, Ohio, where Sojourner Truth delivered her famous “Ain’t I a Woman?” speech? Or the Manhattan entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge, where a little-known plaque honors Emily Roebling, who oversaw construction when her husband, the bridge’s architect, fell ill? (Roebling was the first person to walk across the bridge, bringing a chicken for good luck.)

The cables record years of effort by the Iranians to cultivate senior Iraqi politicians, some of whom were said to have passed on information and to have committed to helping the Islamic Republic. The leaked documents describe in detail Iran’s efforts to obtain informants and to persuade Iraqi agents working for the Americans to switch sides. “Those who supported the aggressors ... have no authority or freedom, but are subservient to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates,” the group’s Al Masirah TV quoted him as saying.