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From the end credits to the endgame... The president delivered the soundbyte-ready lines he came armed with against Mr. Edwards, calling the pro-gun rights and anti-abortion rights Democrat a tool of Washington liberals.

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"It's no secret that we've been hit hard by the hurricane," Puerto Rico's governor, Ricardo Rossello, said at Airbnb's press event. "This year was a tough year for us." 16A: If you are stumped by a tough geographical question, work those crossings. I had 8D’s SAD, and the letter A (along with the names in the clues) helped give me ARABIA as the answer to “Home of the Nefud and Rub’ al Khali deserts.”

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Although it was pioneered by RMIT to be used as a study tool, Dr. Janneke Blijlevens, founding member of the Behavioural Business Lab, believes the font's applications extend beyond classrooms and can help people memorize things important to them in their own lives. And there is a thirst. When I first reached Gulman, I mentioned that his fans, old and new, must have lately turned him into their confessor, sharing with him their private worries and sorrows. I couldn’t imagine the burden of being in such a position. Yet as we were chatting, I found myself doing precisely that — peeling off my reporter’s mask and sharing stories of my own, pointing out where I’d identified with him, seconding his observations.

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A Summer Camp on the Border, Where the Border Crisis Feels Far Away Schwab and other so-called discount brokers skipped the expensive advice that bigger, older firms offered. Average investors wouldn’t get much, but they wouldn’t pay much, either.

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The awesome power of the state would work tirelessly to deny future terrorists access to weaponry, money and forums to spread their ideology. The movement would be infiltrated by spies and informants. Its financiers would face sanctions. Places of congregation would be surveilled. Those who gave aid or comfort to terrorists would be prosecuted. Programs would be established to de-radicalize former adherents. Turkey has long been of immense strategic importance to the West — as a check on Russian expansionism and Islamist fundamentalism; and as an inspiration for secularism and modernization for the Muslim world. Erdogan, a longtime Islamist and recent ally of Russia, is the most dangerous leader it has ever had.

So did everyone else. The backlash was so fierce that Peeple was dubbed the "internet's most hated app" at one point. That's amazing given the app hadn't even been released. Peeple's creators argue their app was intended to "spread positivity."  One might expect principled egalitarians like the Quakers to celebrate a linguistic process whereby all social ranks experienced an increase in dignity. But Fox and his followers looked on the universal “you” with horror, as a sign of the sin of pride. Long before he founded Pennsylvania, the Quaker William Penn would argue that when applied to individuals, the plural “you” was a form of idolatry. Other Quakers produced pamphlets citing examples from more than 30 dead and living languages to argue that their use of “thee” and “thou” was grammatically — as well as theologically and politically — correct.

The precedent is there. At last year's March event, Apple delivered a new 9 iPad (plus a bunch of education-friendly software initiatives) that went on to earn a CNET Editors' Choice. This year, a legion of leakers, supply chain moles and analysts are predicting that we'll see at least one, and possibly more, new iPads at an Apple event before the end of Q3.  Steps away from the newly rebuilt Hackney Wick tube station and in a vast Victorian yard is Crate Brewery, a onetime print factory used by squatters, where a thin-crust pizza cost 13 pounds (), a new zero-waste restaurant has opened and outdoor tables overlook a narrow canal and buildings emblazoned with rainbow-colored graffiti.

The breakdown in river transportation is just one more burden for farmers, who are also facing low commodity prices. Some held on to last year’s crop, hoping that tariff-depressed prices would bounce back this year; now they cannot even get their produce to market. Still, Democrats welcomed the attention that Ms. Stefanik brought to her re-election effort, hoping that it enhances the chances of Ms. Cobb, a former St. Lawrence County legislator who lost to Ms. Stefanik in 2018 by nearly 14 percentage points.

Weather, it’s worth repeating, is not climate. But none of the guides could recall temperatures ever being that high. And the pattern of earlier spring, increased wildfire risk, and more severe temperatures is in line with what we expect to see from climate change, according to the National Climate Assessment. By that March election in 1983, the first time in his life that he was running as an incumbent, Mr. Sanders had forged the theory of political change that still guides him. It is defined by direct confrontation with conservative institutions and legislators, blunt talk about economic grievance and an unrelenting effort to inspire demoralized, lower-income voters with promises of true societal transformation. He believed that only a sweeping vision of a better system could summon the kind of grass-roots mobilization he needed to achieve even more modest goals.

On a cool, overcast day in late 2017, Yorai Feinberg, an Israeli citizen, then 36, was standing in front of the Israeli restaurant he owns in central Berlin, bundled up in a down coat and smoking a cigarette, when a middle-aged German man stopped on the sidewalk and declared, “You people are crazy.” “He had lived in Israel, spoke Russian and Hebrew, and was a great chef,” Mr. Bank added. “He was also deeply committed to helping other people, especially older people.”