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“Before it got codified, it could be very confusing,” said Jeannine Mosely, a software engineer in Cambridge, Mass. Ms. Mosely is known for large-scale projects such as an origami Menger sponge, a series of cubes adding up to a giant cube, made out of business cards. At the time, the fact that she didn’t use square paper caused ripples throughout the origami community. “There were people who didn’t want anything to do with my work because I started with rectangles,” she said. Then came Cambridge and what he later called “the bad thing I did”: agreeing to remain with “Beyond the Fringe” in London and New York instead of pursuing the career in which he had qualified as a doctor, worked as a house physician and pathologist in London and written a paper published in The Lancet about treating mercury poisoning.

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“So you write propaganda, right?” the official asked.

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But a poll conducted this month by Whitman Insight Strategies and BuzzFeed News found that 79 percent of L.G.B.T. Americans welcomed police participation in Pride events, including parades. Only 8 percent said they opposed including the police, and 13 percent said they did not have strong feelings either way. What Is Climate Change? This 112-pager from Gail Herman, which made Yale Climate Connections’ list of recommended books for children, will allow you to learn the science of climate change alongside your kids.

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In 1986, for example, paleoanthropologists discovered a fossil in Kenya between 270,000 and 300,000 years old. They called it “archaic Homo sapiens.” Other experts argued it belonged to another species altogether. And others have simply thrown up their hands. His sound, with its flowing arpeggios and churning rhythms, has remained easily identifiable through the decades. Yet Mr. Glass’s best works for the stage — including the eight below, written between 1987 and 2014 — have managed to color that trademark style in fresh hues. Each has been recorded on his Orange Mountain Music label, whose CD editions also include librettos.

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I say that this allegation, if true, is the most egregious offense. Not the most deadly or having the most consequences for future generations, but absolutely the most revelatory about character, privilege and abuse of power. It was bad enough, to Spanberger, that the party put the resolution front and center; Pelosi had gone to the floor, called Trump’s tweets “racist” and in so doing violated parliamentary rules protecting the president from that kind of insult. The Republicans called her out; she refused to back down, at which point controlled chaos broke out on the floor for more than an hour. There was so much procedural parrying that Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri, the presiding chairman of the floor, said some version of “a plague on both your houses,” dropped his gavel and abandoned the chair, a move so unusual that no one could recall its ever occurring before. “It’s a shameful circus,” Spanberger said in the hallway of the Capitol. “We were not sent here to have melodrama on the floor.”

While Mr. Biden has led in many early polls, some professional Democrats view him as a bit of a paper-tiger favorite, coasting on name recognition and warm feelings about the Obama administration but doomed to stumble under deeper scrutiny. Gauguin’s art is a problem “if it continues to be used to frame the Pacific in this timeless, semi-damaged past, when actually there’s so much going on,” said Caroline Vercoe, a senior lecturer in art history at the University of Auckland who is part Samoan and is participating in the National Gallery in London’s talk and film program. “It’s such a lively and dynamic culture within the indigenous context as well.”

The 83-year-old classroom and administrative building is one of Fordham’s most recognizable buildings, known for its Gothic-style facade, the hourly chimes of its bells and the steps where commencement is held every year. Dr. Lane, who lives in Greendale, Ind., and holds a doctorate in nursing, originally devoted herself to rural health to give something back to her community. She watched friends go off to college and never come back.

As mayor of a city that is racially diverse and largely low-income for eight years I have lived and breathed the successes and struggles of a community where far too many people live with the consequences of racial inequity that has built up over centuries but been compounded by policies and decisions within living memory. David Hale, the State Department’s No. 3 official, also fielded questions about the hold on security aid to Ukraine and the attacks by Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, on the reputation of Marie L. Yovanovitch, the United States ambassador to Ukraine. She was eventually recalled from her post.

The Chinese government cracked down on A.S.M.R. videos last year because it said pornography was being released under the guise of the genre. And video artists have complained that YouTube has flagged some nonsexual A.S.M.R. videos as inappropriate for advertisers. (YouTube said it had no policy against the genre.) Aunque Arsene y Sekar dijeron que no estaban seguros de la periodicidad con la que este tipo de ataques informáticos suceden, la creciente ubicuidad de los puertos de carga USB en lugares como hoteles, aeropuertos y transporte público implica un incremento del riesgo de ser víctimas de este tipo de estafas.