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We’ve helped people of color who run independent outlets hire editors. We have supported freelancers so that they could cover influential film festivals and biennials, and funded research on the demographics of criticism and how it shapes analysis. “News could break at any moment, and if you don’t know the right person to talk to or who to go to, you’re just going to be relying on Twitter and press releases, which obviously isn’t the best way to report a story,” Mr. Corasaniti said.

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“If 17 N.C.A.A. championships won’t get you a green card, nothing will,” Young said. The receipts, typical of the Islamic State’s meticulous bookkeeping, showed that the group paid at least ,000 to members of Hurras al Din, an unofficial affiliate of Al Qaeda and an enemy of the Islamic State.

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He traveled widely, returning to Paris for long intervals and also visiting Nigeria, Brazil, Cuba, Martinique, Mexico and China. Despite his devotion to abstraction, he felt that the light and space of each location affected his work unconsciously. HOUSTON — Since he was a young child in his native Venezuela, Gleyber Torres has displayed a preternatural ability to defy his age. Baseball scouts would often tell Torres’s father that his son, 12 at the time, was playing more like a 16-year-old. It was surprising because it reinforced a hunch that Eusebio Torres was developing while watching his son play in tournaments.

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In 2016, JPMorgan Chase agreed to pay 4 million as part of a settlement with the federal government. The reason? An Asian subsidiary of the company had hired the children of Chinese government officials in the hopes of currying favor with their powerful parents — a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. If Bilott makes for an unlikely warrior in the battle for safe drinking water, DuPont plays to type as the faceless behemoth that seems to care more about its bottom line than the health of its employees or the tens of thousands of people who lived near the giant plant it operates outside of Parkersburg, W.Va. Because, of course, it wasn’t just the cows that were suffering. Scientists inside the company were concerned enough about a particularly noxious chemical called PFOA — used to manufacture Teflon, among other products — that they began testing DuPont’s workers for exposure. But when the results suggested potential health problems, corporate’s answer was to stop the testing. The ever-thorough Bilott discovers old laboratory animal studies that DuPont and 3M, which manufactured PFOA, had conducted decades earlier. The results showed dogs and monkeys dying from exposure to PFOA, cancer in rats along with birth defects in its unborn. Yet Bilott found no follow-up investigations. At least within the pages of “Exposure,” plausible denial seems to be DuPont’s corporate motto. Ultimately, Bilott discovers dangerously high concentrations of PFOA leaching into the surrounding community’s drinking water.

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Addressing income inequality is another recurring theme for Mr. de Blasio. Still, Mr. Sanders’s case is unusual in many respects: He is a leading candidate recovering from a heart attack at age 78 who must compete in an intensely competitive primary while also holding down a demanding job as senator. Indeed, Mr. Sanders’s disruption comes amid increased pressure to bolster voter support with strong challenges from Mr. Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren, and it is unclear at what pace Mr. Sanders will carry on his campaign.

“We realized that what happened to us wasn’t random,” Dr. Brackeen said. “We wanted to make a change for the future.” “I do think readers who fell in love with Ferrante with the Neapolitan novels — I think they’re going to be pleased,” he said.

It's no wonder the calls to break up Facebook are gathering steam. Frankly, I'm shocked it took so long. Mr. Abraham received just shy of 24 percent of the vote, trailing Mr. Rispone by three percentage points. He conceded on Saturday night and endorsed Mr. Rispone.

[Read all Times reporting on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. | Sign up for the weekly Science Times email.] 6. Pilot fatigue and flaws in a Boeing jet were among the reasons a 2018 Lion Air flight crashed, according to a report by Indonesian regulators.

Deals Only three years ago, on a warm July night in 2016, five police officers were killed when a black man set out to target white police officers in downtown Dallas, turning a peaceful demonstration against fatal police shootings across the country into a scene of chaos and bloodshed.

“I wanted to uplift the neighborhood,” Mr. Branover said, gesturing at the newly renovated building. A New York City historic landmark, the brick building was dilapidated and vacant when he bought it in 2012. “Since when have I become the enemy?” Hunter Biden acknowledged in an interview with ABC News this month that he exercised “poor judgment,” by joining the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings but said he has done nothing wrong. He left the company’s board in April. This month, he announced he would step down from the board of a Chinese company and would not work for or with any foreign-owned companies if his father were elected president.