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Another woman who testified against Mr. Cosby, Heidi Thomas, said that she preferred not to dwell on his tweet. “The punishment that will have the most impact on him,” she said in an email, “would be to ignore him completely.” The government had been considering plans to “re-Polonize” the media, allowing it to take control of TVN, and only backed down after public outcry and diplomatic pressure.

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How challenging is it to adjust to working life after graduating? Do most new graduates make friends at work, or do connections stay professional (I think I’ll have a fair amount of young co-workers)? Also, how do I make new friends in my hometown? Should I just give up and hang out with my parents every weekend? Global Entry is a program run by the United States Customs and Border Protection agency. Just like TSA PreCheck, access to the program allows you to skip the long line at security when you’re departing the United States. Additionally, it speeds you through passport control when you arrive back at an American airport from overseas. At passport control you get to skip the long line, skip the paperwork and instead answer a few questions at a computer kiosk. Then a Customs and Border Protection agent double checks you’re you, and you’re on your way. Global Entry is even available at a handful of airports outside the United States, like those in Abu Dhabi and Dublin, along with land and seaports of entry, like San Ysidro in California and Port Everglades in Florida. So while PreCheck only saves time when you’re departing, Global Entry helps when you’re departing and when you’re arriving.

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Which is why I was disappointed that, for both of them, the road of online experimentation leads — all too predictably — to ruin. After a few scenes of internet-borne sexual empowerment (one impeccably soundtracked to DMX’s “X Gon’ Give it to Ya”), Kat soon falls prey to lecherous predators, leaving it to a real boy from school to rescue her from digital debasement. And, as Rue suspected and the audience was forewarned, Jules’s lakeside rendezvous with Tyler (like a disturbing earlier hookup with a much older man whom she met on the same app) was destined for catastrophe. When the 10-year bond yielded less than three-month bills in March, it was dismissed because the event lasted only several days. The inversion reappeared in late May and has been present nearly every day since, reaching a gap of 0.52 percentage points on Aug. 28, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

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"These are the richest companies in the world, and they have the best engineers in the world," Cohen said. "They could fix these problems if they wanted to."  When you find out you have breast cancer, you might be pulling ramen from water with a pasta fork. Your son might be watching “SpongeBob,” so you might hear that dull drone of Patrick Star the starfish in your mind as you fall.

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"The grain challenges me to create objects in three dimensions," she said of her craft. "A mistake or flaw in the wood will improve your design. To me, a knot can be the best part." Mr. Putin, cocooned from criticism and praised nonstop on state-controlled television, has refused to utter Mr. Navalny’s name in public or even recognize his existence. But muzzling the 43-year-old opposition activist and his followers seems to have become a preoccupation for much of Russia’s law-enforcement system.

This cycle, that includes Mr. Sanders of Vermont, who won New Hampshire by a wide margin in 2016, and Ms. Warren, whose ground game is often regarded as the most extensive here. Crucially, too, these are young(ish) men who have come of age in an era when public rhetoric here pits England against everyone else — the Scots, the Irish, the European Union — and Englishness against Otherness. Along with a songbook that references not just World War II, but the I.R.A. and the Pope, there is an evident strain of Islamophobia in some of the far-right organizations that have taken root among their number.

Good morning. The remaking of New York’s jail system, the second largest in the United States behind Los Angeles County’s, comes during a moment of reckoning for a criminal justice system that critics say has exacted an unfair toll on black and Hispanic people.

Fox, the outlier, seemed awfully lonesome in the wake of the Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of the bulk of the rest of Rupert Murdoch’s entertainment empire. The network no longer has the backing of a Hollywood colossus that included the FX cable channel and a massive studio.

The Knicks have the worst record in the N.B.A., and will miss the playoffs for a sixth consecutive season. But there is room for optimism based on the team having one of the top picks in this year’s draft and the fact that they will be far enough under the salary cap to sign two maximum-salary players this off-season. Nationally, driving-related emissions have been on the rise in recent years, despite federal and state efforts to bring them down. Boston University’s data reveals that much of that growth has occurred in and around America’s cities.

Chadwick Boseman has made a career playing pioneers who've had to fight to make their way in the world. In "42," he showcased the quiet dignity of baseball's first black major league player, Jackie Robinson. In "Get On Up," he gave us the man behind the music legend James Brown. And in this year's "Marshall," he brings life to Thurgood Marshall, the first black Supreme Court justice, during his crusade for civil rights early in his career. “Forever 21’s problem is not the malls — it’s that they didn’t get out of the malls earlier,” Mr. Gordon, the management expert, said. “If they want to point a finger, they need to stand in front of a mirror and point it at themselves.”