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For the first time in a century, the city is embarking on an ambitious plan to rebuild its jails, the second largest correctional system in the United States. Ms. Huffman’s lawyers submitted nearly 90 pages’ worth of letters from family members, friends and others who testified to her kindness and generosity. They also submitted “a partial list of events and causes Ms. Huffman has supported.”

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That was my warning to Senate Democrats in November 2013. Their leader, Harry Reid, had just persuaded them to trample longstanding Senate rules and precedents. Now that some Democrats are proposing further radical changes to the Senate’s functioning, it is instructive to recall what happened next. Alexandra Lange is the architecture critic for Curbed and author of “The Design of Childhood: How the Material World Shapes Independent Kids.”

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The house’s previous owner, Anwar Hossein, said he bought it in 2004, believing it would be a good investment for his family as a rental property. But he was saddled with nonpaying tenants, he said, and then later learned that the building was actually a one-family home that could not be subdivided. On my phone, Instagram is a series of squares and rectangles with pictures of babies, clogs, books, lakes and buildings, buildings and more buildings. But when I read or hear about Instagram, none of these — except for babies — seem to exist on the app.

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SARA When I discovered the guitar, I didn’t need to know Tegan was also discovering the guitar. When I figured out I was attracted to my best friend, I just assumed Tegan was figuring out she was attracted to her best friend. I assumed there was this parallel experience happening at all times. En cambio, hubo un marcado énfasis en los servicios médicos, la educación, el control de armas y la guerra en Afganistán. Su silencio, sus verdades a medias o lugares comunes sobre estas cuestiones fue sorprendente.

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The Jets (1-6) managed 213 yards, with 93 of those coming on their opening drive. The team will travel to face A.F.C. East rival Miami next Sunday. Yet why has no government done so yet? The right-wing objects for obvious reasons: For many, the land is sacred and not even an inch can be given away. But surprisingly, the left also objects. For many, “concessions” should only be made in the context of a permanent peace accord that solves the conflict as a whole. Hence, a paradox: By making a full peace treaty a condition for progress on the ground, the impossibility of reaching a full peace treaty guarantees that there will never be progress on the ground. And thus emerged a baffling, implicit alliance between the right and the left. Both of them support a form of the status quo. Paradoxically, faith in the sanctity of peace is as much a contributor to the status quo as faith in the sanctity of the land.

“You know, Mike, when we first started out together I remember you telling me, ‘Hey, Clyde, just be yourself, say whatever you want to say,’” Mr. Frazier said. “I know you’re regretting that now, 20 years later.” The animals wandered into the outskirts of the community, and when they seemed close to houses, the bombs were detonated remotely, killing the cows, and damaging nearby houses, but not harming any people, Colonel Al-Atyia said.

Nonetheless, art and commercial photographers today still photograph beautiful landscapes beautifully. Landscape photographs are everywhere, thanks to Instagram, providing proof that wilderness still exists, although it may be outnumbered by its portraits. Why do we hate revision so much? Why do so many authors write a single draft and then declare their work complete?

I am revisiting Jeanette Winterson, who has a unique way of writing between reality and magic. She puts many thoughts out there and travels between different characters, genders and realities. She is most famous for “Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit” but my favorite is “Art & Lies: A Piece for Three Voices and a Bawd.” Mr. Wrenholt offers us a set of five phrases (actually a total of seven, but I’ll get to that), contained in the gray squares, with each missing its last word. That last word is PIPE for all the entries.

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in a federal court in Los Angeles, is believed to be the first time a presidential candidate has sued a major technology firm. “There have been clear and obvious moments when we have been on different sides,” Cea Weaver, a member of the New York City D.S.A. steering committee, said.

Netflix wasn't alone: In 2009, Vudu began the process of transitioning from a dedicated hardware box to an app available on a larger array of smart TVs, and Amazon Prime's streaming video service started popping up on more hardware devices. It was the beginnings of a streaming revolution that has achieved critical mass, with Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus just launching at the decade's close, and AT&T/Warner's HBO Max and Comcast's Peacock service soon to follow in 2020. Streaming all of these services -- in pristine 4K HDR quality, too -- is something few of us could have imagined in 2010, when we still felt lucky if our favorite TV show or live sporting event was even available in high-def. While Mr. Biden’s Facebook ads, like his stump speech, have focused heavily on Mr. Trump, records show he has also tested messages on health care, Medicare, the Supreme Court and guns.