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The president’s call for a boycott did not appear to worry AT&T’s investors. Its stock price closed on Monday at .09 a share, up 1.7 percent. Here are my favorite 1980s throwbacks from Stranger Things' third season.

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The director is Daniel Scheinert, half the writing and directing team behind the 2016 existential buddy comedy “Swiss Army Man,” in which one buddy is a flatulent corpse. “Dick Long,” a gorgeously-shot exercise, is set in small-town Alabama. It begins with three friends rehearsing their garage band, Pink Freud, a name they don’t actually seem smart enough to have come up with. Snowball seems to be showing that cutting a rug and getting creative with it isn't just for people. Perhaps he'll earn himself an invite to Dancing with the Stars.

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On view through most of 2020 is a selection of notebooks from 1902 to 1905 by The Five, including automatic drawings created as a group, as well as individual drawings by Hilma. These are shown along with other Swedish artist collectives from the period, particularly through the lens of feminism in a gallery titled “A Room of One’s Own,” in homage to Virginia Woolf. A nearby display, “Spheres of Abstraction,” places af Klint’s larger paintings with other artists of the period who turned to abstraction to represent not just spiritual or utopian ideals but also to express the sometimes frenetic movement and pace of modern cities. Create a scavenger hunt list or download a list online and get a couple of groups together to start hunting down items. Use apps such as Let's Roam and GooseChase to track other players' progress. You'll have a blast with your friends as you cross out the items you've found on your list and you can celebrate with a tasty summer cocktail.

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That’s why this week’s raids on journalists by the Australian Federal Police, accompanied by an unconvincing mantra of just-doing-our-job, are so galling. The back-to-back raids, on the home of a journalist and the Sydney offices of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the country’s public broadcaster, replete with seizure of records and files likely to contain the identities of confidential sources within the government, were straight from the playbook of authoritarian thugs. The justification offered by the police had a familiar, sinister ring: the “alleged publishing of information classified as an official secret, which is an extremely serious matter that has the potential to undermine Australia’s national security.” As with any massive undertaking, it's important to understand there were hundreds of thousands of people involved, and I don't want to give the impression that my father was rubbing elbows with Gene Kranz or Chris Kraft at the Mission Control Center in Houston. (Although, like many of the era, he would've looked the part, complete with his close-cropped hair, horn-rimmed glasses and white short-sleeve dress shirt with a prominent pocket protector.)


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What do you get from such a tiny engine? Well, it delivers a claimed 64 PS with 92 Newton meters of torque. In Americanized figures, that's about 63 horsepower and 68 pound-feet of twist. Reining in all that giddy-up is a limited-slip differential, which helps evenly distribute torque between the front wheels. As for transmissions, two are offered: You can choose between a five-speed manual or CVT with paddle shifters and seven simulated gears. And: Amazon has a discount on the standalone wireless charging case. Usually, priced at , it now costs . 

The Daily also covers issues that matter to Ann Arbor’s 121,000 residents, such as the inner workings of the municipal government, cuts to the county’s mental health budget, and a police oversight commission that was created last year in response to the shooting death of a black woman and the violent arrest of a black teenager. "The most encouraging thing that I see, of course, is that the electors of tomorrow are already making themselves and their voices very, very clear," he said. "And that is a source of great comfort in a way, but also the justification, the reality, that these young people are recognising that their world is the future."

He is a son of the late Ruth E. Cipkowski and the late Joseph A. Cipkowski, who lived in Copake Falls, N.Y. The groom’s parents owned and operated the Taconic Wayside Inn in Copake Falls. Test complete! Today’s ~3 minute test of @NASA_Orion spacecraft's launch abort system verified that @NASA_Astronauts can safely get away from their launch vehicle in the case of an emergency after liftoff. More: https://t.co/mUf6z9uYjA pic.twitter.com/nI9CZKT6H9

Here's how to view the meteor shower, both in person and online. Here are some tools you can use. (And if you change your mind, here's how you can be sure to never miss a Prime Day deal.)

Even before the loss, Mr. Erdogan had used the government budget, the central bank and government-controlled banks to defend the currency, forestall a credit crunch, and even to pay for stands selling subsidized vegetables in the hopes of keeping voters on his side. As well as the aforementioned torque-vectoring system, nonhybrid AWD RAV4 models come with a version of the Multi-Terrain Select controller found on the Tacoma and 4Runner. Twisting the dial will pregird the vehicle's systems for various surface conditions, including snow, mud, sand and rocks. The RAV4's slightly tougher Adventure trim returns for 2019, wearing new high-rise roof rails and fender flares. The latter also features a contrasting roof paint color and unique wheels. 

@George Siokos George, but is it worth having to walk under murals of dead kin everyday. Is it worth being reminded everyday that your ancestors were not even considered human. I respect your opinion, but I believe that history can be taught without bringing people’s self esteem down. "We're kind of like the test rabbits," Musilova says as she tells me about a recent experiment by Slovakian students that used chemically treated hair from crew members as fertilizer.