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Marcus Walden (9-2), Boston’s third pitcher, threw a scoreless inning for the victory. Massively popular, Offenbach was both a Second Empire insider and not: a German Jew living in Paris, but one who had acclimated to local culture and whose works allowed the social elite to gently laugh at themselves. In “Orpheus,” he allowed the assembled society to see themselves as the work’s gods and goddesses — but those deities spend the evening lying, cheating, whining and otherwise misbehaving.

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“Mr. Stone could not even keep his story straight on the stand, much less from one day to another,” she said. The lead prosecutor in the case, Jonathan Ian Kravis, an assistant United States attorney, also accused Mr. Stone of dissembling when he insisted that he could not remember who might have given him photos of Judge Jackson to choose from. Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play Music | How to Listen

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You don't have to take this guy's word as gospel, but with his recommendations, some basic information about your vehicle and some user reviews, you'll probably be in good shape once your battery dies -- provided, of course, that you remember to keep your booster in the car and charged. Their first book, “It Happened in the Catskills” (1991), started as a conventional narrative history of the fast-fading world of summer resorts and bungalow colonies known as the borscht belt. But they recognized that the stories they were hearing from waiters, guests, agents, bellhops and other personalities would be better told in their own voices.

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The average five-year survival rate is now 90 percent, and even higher — 99 percent — if the cancer is confined to the breast, or 85 percent if it has spread to regional lymph nodes. Go deeper: The widespread fires in the world’s largest rainforest have drawn international outrage, but some locals are indignant at what they see as outsiders trying to decide how Brazilians should steward their land. Farmers say they need fire and deforestation to maintain beef and soy exports, and that the damage done to the rainforest is modest.

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The biggest challenge to children's online privacy can be a parent who overshares. “Sharenting” — when parents post pictures and details about their children on social media without their consent (if they’re old enough to give it) — and how it can cause rifts in parent-child relationships were subjects of a recent video Op-Ed. When Mr. Reeves, 32, tried to sign back in, the Facebook page said that his account had been disabled. It requested a photo to verify his identity. He took a selfie with his iPhone, but Facebook rejected it, as well as several other self portraits. Eventually he gave up and sought out a page in Facebook’s help center for people who think their accounts have been disabled by mistake. He provided his name, email address and a photo of his driver’s license.

Updates on Dec. 13, 8:41 a.m. PT: Adds information from CPUC spokesperson.  Axel Stahl, 11, who has studied at the City Ballet-affiliated School of American Ballet since he was 5, said his advice to other students was “keep dancing.”

In an interview with The Times, Mr. Ali agreed to listen to an audio recording of the recently captured Mr. Khalifa. “That’s him,” he exclaimed. Mr. Ali said Mr. Khalifa’s identity as the narrator was not widely known in the caliphate. “That’s not something he shares,” Mr. Ali said. “But once you speak to him, it’s obvious.” In fact, Mr. Boyle’s old bike is the paper’s logo: a boardwalk cruiser, the bicycle of choice in the neighborhood for those making short trips to the beach, boardwalk or bar.

This kind of coverage pays for damages to your vehicle, no matter who is at fault. If you drive a new car, a classic or just something near and dear to your heart, collision coverage is a good buy -- in fact, if you're financing your vehicle, it's likely a mandatory expense. However, if you bought your 20-year old ride for ,500 and a case of Diet Dr Pepper, it's probably not worth it. The list covers both new releases and older works from authors such as Téa Obreht, Colson Whitehead, Ted Chiang, Haruki Murakami, Dinaw Mengestu and Hilary Mantel. Mr. Obama started with an invitation to read works by the Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, who died last week at the age of 88.

The agency is already dealing with major holes in its official maps, which are supposed to identify where broadband and wireless service does and doesn't exist so the FCC can ensure it doesn't subsidize network build-outs in areas that already have coverage. Members of Congress on both sides of the political aisle have slammed the FCC for producing inaccurate maps. Disdaining studio support, Mr. Mocky churned out low-budget movies on a tight schedule. He made nearly 70 feature-length films, many of which he wrote, acted in and tried to finance on his own.

These cars are more than just F-Types with extra headlights. Under the body, Jaguar installed hand-built competition suspension components with softer springs that can handle abuse in the dirt. Motorsport-derived wheels and tires are built to handle atypical terrain, there's a limited-slip differential to help keep the power down and a hydraulic handbrake lets the driver fishtail the car at will. There's also a set of upgraded brakes and a roll cage to prioritize safety. A la profesora le preocupaba que con el énfasis en las pruebas le pidieran seguir guías rígidas y que eso le hiciera perder de vista lo que más le gusta de su trabajo: impartir las herramientas del pensamiento libre, herramientas que, dijo, le permitirían a sus estudiantes “ser intelectuales”.